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Experience the future of parking management in the UAE with Smart Park Guard. Our integrated hardware and software solution ensures guarded parking spaces are smarter, safer, and more efficient. From seamless vehicle registration to real-time security, direct payment and parking ticket printing. Smart Park Guard is your go-to for advanced parking solutions in Duabi, Abu Dhabi and all the all cities in the United Arab Emirates. Explore the innovation today!

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All in one solution.

Vehicle registration

Employees can register vehicles (cars and motorcycles) in the app by entering the license plate number.

Ticket issuing

By using an integrated receipt printer, a parking ticket with QR code, license plate number and start time of the parking process will be created.

QR code scanner

Employees can scan the parking ticket when the customer returns to display the final price.

Price Calculation & Payment

The app calculate parking fees based on the parking duration and your individual tariffs. Payment can be made in cash or with the integrated card reader.

Get the ultimate all in one device​

  • Accept Cash and Card Payments

  • Print Parking tickets directly

  • Monitor your earning

$ 499,- oder $ 29,99 pm.

Starter Plan

After 3 months $ 5,99
$ 0,99
  • License for the application
  • 100 free parking tickets / month
  • 0,09$ per additional ticket

Standard Plan

After 3 months $ 29,99
$ 4,99
  • License for the application
  • 1000 free parking tickets / month
  • 0,03$ per additional ticket

Advanced Plan

After 3 months $ 49,99
$ 9,99
  • License for the application
  • Unlimited parking tickets
  • Customized software

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Our trusted customer base is international. From Eastern Europe to Asia.

Client Testimonials​

“We couldn't be more pleased with the parking solution provided by Smart Park at our mall in Kathmandu. The seamless vehicle registration and ticketing system have not only simplified our operations but have significantly enhanced the overall parking experience for our visitors..”
Buddha Mall
“The real-time reporting and management features have been instrumental in optimizing our parking resources and maximizing revenue. Smart Park has proven to be a reliable and advanced solution, bringing a new level of convenience to our parking space in Sofia.”
Parkmaster Bulgaria

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Smart Park Guard is an integrated hardware and software solution designed for guarded parking spaces. It revolutionizes parking management, offering seamless vehicle registration, real-time security, direct payment, and parking ticket printing.

Smart Park Guard provides an all-in-one solution, including vehicle registration, ticket issuing with QR codes, QR code scanning for final pricing, and convenient payment options. You can either choose you just use our mobile app on your own mobile device, or you can ordr our hardware device to accept card paypaments and print parking tickets directly.

Smart Park Guard offers two plans for our hardware  The Renting Plan is €19.99 per month. In our buying option you can buy the device for a one-time fee of €499,-

Each plan includes a license for the app, with different quantities of free parking tickets per month. Additional tickets incur a small fee. The Advanced Plan also offers unlimited parking tickets and custom software features.

Certainly! The Advanced Plan offers custom software features, allowing Smart Park Guard to adapt to your unique parking management requirements. Whether you need specialized reporting or tailored functionalities, our solution is designed to cater to diverse needs.

Absolutely! Our trusted customer base extends internationally, from Eastern Europe to Asia. Some of our esteemed clients include Parkmaster Ukraine, Parkmaster Romania, Buddha Mall Nepal, and Hotel INN.

Smart Park Guard is designed to be user-friendly and scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small parking facility or a large enterprise, our intuitive solution ensures seamless implementation and operation. Speak to our expert in a 15-minute call to learn how Smart Park Guard can fit your specific business size and requirements.

Schedule a 15-minute call with our parking expert to receive personalized guidance, discuss your unique challenges, and explore how our solutions can future-proof your parking management strategy. Speak directly to our expert today!