Redefining Parking Solutions in the UAE

The digital transformation has not only revolutionized the automotive industry but has also fundamentally altered the landscape of parking space management. At the forefront of these changes is Smart Park Guard, offering an integrated hardware and software solution that makes secured parking spaces smarter, safer, and more efficient in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Experience the Future of Parking Management

Smart Park Guard facilitates seamless and advanced management of secured parking spaces in the UAE. From comprehensive vehicle registration to real-time security, direct payment, and ticket printing, our solution revolutionizes the entire parking process.

Key Features Overview

  1. Vehicle Registration: Employees can effortlessly register vehicles (cars and motorcycles) in the app by entering the license plate number.
  2. Ticket Issuing: Utilizing an integrated receipt printer, Smart Park Guard generates a parking ticket with a QR code, license plate number, and the start time of the parking process.
  3. QR Code Scanner: Upon the customer’s return, employees can scan the parking ticket to display the final price, ensuring a smooth checkout process.
  4. Price Calculation & Payment: The app calculates parking fees based on the parking duration and individual tariffs. Payment can be made in cash or with the integrated card reader.

Our Offers Overview

  1. Starter Plan ($0.99 per month & after 3 months $5.99):
    • License for the app
    • 100 free parking tickets per month
    • $0.09 per additional ticket
  2. Standard Plan ($4.99 per month & after 3 months $29.99):
    • License for the app
    • 1000 free parking tickets per month
    • $0.03 per additional ticket
  3. Advanced Plan ($9.99 per month & after 3 months $49.99):
    • License for the app
    • Unlimited parking tickets
    • Custom software solutions

Trusted and Recommended by International Clients

Our reliable customer base spans various countries from Eastern Europe to Asia. Companies like Parkmaster Ukraine, Parkmaster Romania, Parkmaster Poland, Parkmaster Bulgaria, Buddha Mall Nepal, and Hotel INN are among our satisfied clients.

Client Testimonials

Buddha Mall Nepal: “We are extremely satisfied with the parking solution provided by Smart Park at our mall in Kathmandu. The seamless vehicle registration and ticketing system have not only simplified our operations but have significantly enhanced the overall parking experience for our visitors.”

Parkmaster Bulgaria: “The real-time reporting and management features have been instrumental in optimizing our parking resources and maximizing revenue. Smart Park has proven to be a reliable and advanced solution, bringing a new level of convenience to our parking space in Sofia.”

Learn more about the future of parking space management and how Smart Park Guard can revolutionize your parking processes. Explore the innovation today!

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